Fall Picnics

A guide to the ultimate Fall Picnic

The leaves are turning, the air is fresh, and all around are shades of auburn, red and orange; Fall is finally here.

Nothing signals the start of the Fall season quite like that first picnic in the park surrounded by the falling leaves. 

Read on for our how to on the set up...



The Set Up

Bring a mix of shapes, textures and colours together to add interest to your picnic. Think: a woven blanket with linen serviettes, a cane picnic basket, wooden cheeseboards and lustrous serveware. Fresh blooms always add a special touch.



The Food

Finding the delicate balance between sweet, and savoury is key. Opt for fruits and vegetables that are in season, like apples, pears, pumpkins and cranberries.

Find HERE our favourite recipe for cranberry jam, that pairs perfectly with a freshly-baked french baguette.



The Outfit

Floaty and feminine is the memo. Comfort is key so opt for voluminousness soft silhouettes. A a broad rimmed hat is a must, as are slip on flats. Finish your look with a structured bag to house your freshly picked flowers & delicious treats. 




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