Mona Farm with Lisa, Jamie & Gigi

Notes on the trip, and life as travelling creatives.

Our dear friends Lisa, Jamie and their little, miss Gigi recently travelled to Mona Farm to capture our W21 collection. We sat down with them to talk about the trip, and their life as a travelling, creative family.



How has your creative relationship with each other evolved over the years?

"We’ve spent the past four years full time creating together. it hasn’t been a smooth ride trying to collaborate with our different styles, but we’ve finally come to a great place of knowing how to work together and how to create magic. We are so grateful to be able to work together every day and live our passion."






Tell us a little about living creatively and life on the road...

"We feel our happiest and most inspired on the road. When it’s just us, and some incredible and new landscapes, our hearts just explode."

A few words on Mona Farm...

"A romantic getaway, with a very European feel. It's a truly magical place."




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