From The Founder, Jessica Reid

Born as a manifestation of my own dream wardrobe, s t e e l e . was created in Melbourne in 2010. Thirteen years later, we are still doing what we love: telling stories, embarking on adventures, and connecting with a community of like-minded women who dress for joy, embrace their femininity, and live their lives in full color.

Our Footprint

We believe in protecting our planet and continually seek ways to reduce our environmental impact. We produce only what is necessary, creating collections in small batches with the goal of selling the order through and just meeting demand, without over supply. This approach ensures that each piece is carefully considered, minimizing waste. By taking a classic & timeless approach to our design, we encourage customers to invest in designs that will endure, reducing the need for unnecessary purchases in subsequent seasons. Whenever possible, we employ sustainable production practices, initiatives, and packaging, and we are actively striving to make further progress in this area.

Our Process

Our designs are created in our Melbourne studio in collaboration with our international partners.

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