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Creating the Prismatic stripe with Designer, Emma.

Take a look into the creation of our hand painted Prismatic Stripe with print designer, Emma. During isolation, Emma took to watercolour, and painted the print from her living room floor. We chat to her about her design process, and the importance of staying creative in times of uncertainty.


Tell us a little about the process of creating the Painterly Stripe… what was your inspiration behind the design?

 The process was fairly simple, I hand painted the stripe using water colours and then used digital programs to manipulate the stripe...

 With everything going on in the world at the moment and the fact that life seems like it’s on pause, so many people have been getting creative at home, my feed became filled with creative iso projects and it was so lovely to see. I think that’s partly where the inspiration came from. I just wanted to create a fun and bright hand painted print that didn’t reflect the current times.






As a designer, what has your experience been like working from home?

I have honestly really enjoyed working from home, it does come with challenges, especially working in the fashion industry as we rely on team work and there are times where being in the office together is essential, but we have all learnt to adapt to our new normal and have found ways around these challenges. I enjoy working from home as I feel really creative in my own space and every Friday my housemate and I have a 'work' brunch delivered to our desks courtesy of Uber Eats and sponsored by Spotify Throwback Hits.




What have been some of your other creative outlets during isolation?

Where do I start! this whole isolation period has been really great for my creativity. I have tried so many new creative things and there is a few left on the list to tick off. I started painting an art series, the idea behind it being the female form and the representation of different bodies.

I also moved into house during isolation with my two friends which has been amazing. We didn’t have much furniture so we needed to get creative. So, we decided that instead of buying a coffee table, we would make one out of wooden pallets. I think we underestimated the effort that goes into sanding it all back but we are so happy with the outcome, and we love that we have our very own hand built recycled & repurposed coffee table.



A piece of advice for staying creative during this time?

Don’t be scared to start, now is the time to start all the little creative projects you’ve thought about pursuing. Getting creative makes me feel accomplished, happy and is good for my mental health which is always a top priority during times like these.


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