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We take look back at the colourful history of Paisley

Following the launch of our Cerise Carnelian print, we take a look back at the rich history of Paisley, and our inspirations behind the Spring '21 motif.

The iconic print that we know today has had quite the colourful history. From ancient Persian and Indian origins, the first paisley shawls were said to be worth more than a London townhouse, and could take up to five years to be completed.


Singer, Marianne Faithfull poses in a paisley blouse with Dalmatian, Bingley in 1967


Since then, the ancient symbol for fertility has adorned the bandanas of cowboys and bikers, been adopted by the ninteenth-century bohème, and popularised by The Beatles and the rock 'n' roll set of the sixties and seventies.


Left: Model, Penelope Tree stretches poses on a paisley daybed for Vogue, 1967.
Right: Prince performs in a paisley jumpsuit, 1985


Steeped in history and culture, Paisley is one of the oldest, and longest standing prints, constantly evolving and taking on new cultural meaning and symbolism.


Spring '21 Print Moodboard

Inspired by the likes of Marianne Faithfull, Jimi Hendrix, and Paul McCartney, our Cerise Carnelian print is an ode to the rule-breakers and change-makers of the 20th Century.

The nature-inspired print draws on the bohemian history of Paisley to bring a sense of free-spirited nonchalance to the Spring '21 collection, an enchanting unity for past and present, reflecting this wonder-filled season of change and transition.


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