Riviera Days with Lisa & Em

Tori top
Photo Diary: Come with us to the dreamy French Riviera as we follow Lisa Danielle and Emily Yates on their travels.
We follow them as they explore the the South of France's dainty streets and their idyllic Ville de Francheville.
Em wears the Fifer cardigan in Posy
Lisa Wears the Tori top in daiquiri and Polly pant in white
Lisa Wears the Annie dress in daffodil and Em wears the Tori top in citrine and Polly pant in white
Em wears the Sina top in paradiso and Aquata skirt in paradiso
Lisa Wears the Elm dress in flamingo pink.
Lisa Wears the Tusk dress in pink stripe and Em wears the Greta dress in musk


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