Sara Ramén

The Model and Muse on how her dual heritage shaped her personal style.

We sat down with model and muse, Sara Ramén to talk all things fashion, food and future plans, and how her dual heritage and worldly travels have shaped her own personal style.



Tell us a little about yourself...

"I was born in Australia but have spent a lot of my life in Sweden and France as my father is Swedish and my mother French. I’ve lived in various places around the world over the last ten years and was in London up until Covid hit. Since being back in Australia, I’ve been cooking a lot and creating content."



How does your dual heritage play into your style?

"I like to mix and match elements from each – timeless classic pieces but functional and colourful."


Do you lean more into Scandi or French style, or both?

"Some days I might lean more towards my French side and other days I may be more drawn to my Swedish side. A lot of it comes down to my mood on the day, where I am in the world and where I’m going."


Notes on perfecting French Girl style...

"Keep it simple, natural and discreet. It’s not about trends; it’s about conveying confidence and complimenting basics with quality and timeless pieces."



Notes on perfecting Scandi style...

"I think a lot of people associate Scandi style with minimalism and head-to-toe black. But it’s quite colourful, fun and unique. I think it’s about finding that balance, experimenting with trends that resonate with you and finishing each look with a unique take."



Your favourite piece in your wardrobe, and why?

"It’s so difficult to pick one piece! I have many favourites for different reasons – pieces from my mother which are sentimental, vintage pieces that I searched high and low for and classics that are always my go-to pieces – high waist jeans, loafers and boyfriend style shirts."


Your ultimate style muse is...

"Lauren Hutton – the ultimate! Effortlessly chic, fun and natural."



What’s next for you?

"Back to Europe!"



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