There's No Place Like Home

Rediscover a new-found appreciation for our beautiful country. Lisa and Em share their Australian bucket list.

Having recently travelled to Oak Beach, Port Douglas to capture our Resort 20 collection, Muses Emily Yates and Lisa Danielle share their local loves, and the Australian destinations on their bucket list right now.


@lisadanielle__ & @emelinaah

Em, What have you loved about keeping it at home in 2020?

EY: "Australia is so incredibly beautiful and diverse. It's given me a much larger appreciation of this country we call home. How incredibly lucky we are to live here. And of course... it's nice to speak the language (laughs)."



 Dream Australian destinations for 2021?

LS: "I’m so excited to explore more of Australia. We’re heading to Tasmania in February & then hoping to visit South Australia. I'm also dreaming of travelling to Western Australia when they open their borders, their crystal blue beaches & rugged coastline are incredible." 

EY: "Name it, and I’ve dreamt of going there. To be honest, I will just be happy to be able to travel back to Western Australia to see our family. Fox’s grandparents haven’t seen him in almost a year now."



 Describe your holiday style...

EY: "FUN! I like to wear things on holidays I wouldn’t usually wear at home. Lots of colour and prints - anything that makes me feel festive."

LS: "A mixture of fresh whites, with pops of colour, flattering silhouettes, with some fun accessories for me!"



Three items you can't travel without?

EY: "My Lipliner (Nars), Sunscreen (Mecca) and Hydration Spray (Dr Barbara Sturm)."

LS: "My iPhone, insulated water bottle and hairbrush... yes I love brushing my hair! (laughs)"




Uluru, Northern Territory

Lord Howe Island, New South Whales

Esperance, Western Australia



Home, Western Australia


The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland




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